Xtrade: Ronaldo used to advertise it, but is it a good broker?

Xtrade believes in providing best in class online CFD trading services. Xtrade has heaps of clients residing worldwide. Main services of this broker include trade payments, risk management, and liquidity access. Xtrade acts as a bridge between its clients and trading companies. Being the number one global trading platform Xtrade always outperforms when it comes to shares, commodities, forex, and indices.

Xtrade also offers sophisticated mobile app trading management solutions which allow clients to manage their trading activities on the go. Having an amazing support solution unit, Xtrade caters a huge number of clients 24/7. With a blazing web-based trading management system brokerage becomes much more satisfying no matter where you are living in the world.

It is evident about the reputation of the broker by considering its Ambassador in the year of 2016-2017, none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous footballer proudly promoted this widespread CFD trading Company. Xtrade international Limited complies with international regulatory standards and regulated by international Financial services commission. This is important if you want to trade forex securely from south africa!


CFD Spreads It is the difference between and the asking price of a financial instrument. Xtrade does not ask deposit fees being charged to the client.

List of spreads: Shares - Xtrade presents shares to the following countries; the USA, Spain, UK, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and so on.

Indices - This worldwide broker offers indices to America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Commodities - There are many commodities being provided by Xtrade for example gold, silver, natural gas, wheat, soy bean, cotton, aluminum and more.

Forex- forex spreads basically includes majors, minors and exotic.

Cryptocurrencies - widely used cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ripple, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, ethereum classic are being offered.

Bonds- bonds like Gilt long government, US 5Y T-Note, US 30Y T-Note, 10Y Euro-Bund and more solutions are provided widely.

ETFs - In ETFs and dices and commodities offers promising services to the clients.

Online Trading Solution Pricing

Xtrade offers affordable trading services to its clients. Thus it becomes easier for a number of people staying on the shore of the globe to decide in which shares or commodities they have to invest. Xtrade doesn’t charge any commission fees to its clients while using premium online trading services. As well as there are no withdrawal fees are charged to the client. However there are premium charges that are subtracted from the client’s account, this premium cost is the basic benefit/cost of the funding.

Xtrade Trading Accounts Xtrade offers a user-friendly interface to open a new account. You can access beyond expectation trading platform accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device. To be able to use amazing trading services your account must be approved by us. Anyone can open a trading account with Xtrade easily and reap the benefits of peculiar solutions.

Just register with Xtrade and get hold of your account to use a wide range of trading services including educational resources and more. The account can be opened in three steps viz. online application, approval process, and funding.

Xtrade Funding Methods

To get withdrawal from your Xtrade trading account first login in your account and then send a request. Maximum withdrawal limit is limited but your request can still be processed. But if you don’t meet Xtrade criteria to process your request for withdrawal, your request may also get rejected. However, you can always check the status of your request and can get in touch with the support team at any time.

Xtrade Trading Instruments

Xtrade offers a huge number of trading instruments just right to serve the purpose of pioneered trading. You can trade through various instruments like shares, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and ETFs. Get ready to get amazing benefits when you work in collaboration with the world’s largest trading company.

Xtrade Trading Platforms

Xtrade has a wide range of trading platforms that can serve as a fruitful medium to earn through trading. Basically, Xtrade offers a full-fledged web-based trading platform. Users can register themselves through the website or mobile app. After a certain time of your profile approval, you can start investing in shares or commodities or anything you require. You can trade forex, CFD, and stocks through our round the clock online trading platform. Just utilize these amazing online platforms and maximize your earnings like never before.

According to various features and a huge list of services being provided by Xtrade, it’s obvious to mention that they offer the trading platform in the world. Open your account with Xtrade and get ready to earn the just upright amount of money through your trading investments.